Thursday, February 19, 2009

William Rast FW09 Collection at NYFW

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The Fall/Winter 2009 William Rast “New America” collection was by far one of my favourites that I’ve seen at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Jeans, tees, plaid shirts and wicked fringed leather accented with studs, embroidery, badges and feathers, most definitely a throwback to “biker culture” and “American denim heritage,” as the line is described.


The colours were dark and monochromatic for the most part, and where hues did seep in they were subtle and faded. Everything looked like it had been loved for 20 years, the kind of pieces you bring with you on a road trip that you throw on out of a suitcase and look absolutely killer.


Under the creative direction of Justin Timberlake, Trace Ayala with Marcella and Johan Lindeberg, the “New America” collection drew inspiration from classic movies like Rumble Fish and Thelma & Louise, and emphasized the 5 pocket jean and “couture execution” of traditional Americana pieces like the denim jacket, biker jacket and jean shirt.


Love love love this deep v red plaid shirt and dusty grey leather jacket:


The mens shirts and tees were all very long, and denim was paired with sharply tailored suit jackets or sturdy leather coats:


This grey jacket had black leather sleeves with fringe all down the back seam, and was by far one of my favourite pieces out of the entire collection. Long fringe adorned many of the leather jackets, especially the women’s, but was mostly featured on the backs of the pieces so it was both a subtle and dynamic touch, depending on your angle:


The cape. It’s back in, people:


Have I talked yet about how amazing the fringed shoes were? Reminds me of my Ken Diamond moccasins, but more like a shoe and less like a moccasin:


When the show was over, it was almost embarrassing how excited the crowd was to get a glimpse of Justin Timberlake. Everyone stood up out of their seats with cameras in hand, buzzing with anticipation. Get a hold of yourselves, people!


The show was well attended by a lot of celebrities, including Paris Hilton. I think she was following us, as she showed up at the basement of La Esquina the following evening and stood next to us at the bar before being seated with her sister Nicky to devour some corn on the cob.

Paris Hilton at New York Fashion Week

All photos by Kris Krug of Static Photography.

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